Luxury villas for rent in Los Angeles 

Villas for rent in Los Angeles There are many villas for rent in Los Angeles, of which you can choose the perfect area and villa for you. As one of the biggest cities in the world. Los Angeles is with its villas, hotels and tourist attractions such as Hollywood, one of the most visited places on earth. That is why, many people want to move to Los Angeles and get something out of the glamour feeling you get, when you are in the city. Investing in a villa might be just the right option for you. The variety of offers can match everyone’s needs, so that literally anyone can find his home in this adventurous and classy city. On our Website, you will find current offers of luxury villas in Los Angeles that you can buy to great prices. With such great offers, you it is not just a random purchase but more like an investment into a home with what you can do whatever you want – even resell it later for a higher price and make profit. California Villas & Vacation Rentals california villa rentals with pool Luxury Villa Rentals California luxury house rentals california best villas in california top villas in california Top 50 California villa rentals Living The Dream offers a 5* luxury California villa rentals hospitality services , with selection of business services and concierge services (exotic rental cars, private jets, yachts, dining reservations, and entertainment) Beverly Hills Villas & Luxury Vacation Rentals . Living the dream offers the epitome of a luxury vacation to travelers seeking the glitz and glamor associated with this world-famous California destination. From private Los Angeles villas overlooking a tremendous Hollywood Hills to high-end shopping excursions on Rodeo Drive and mouth-watering five-star restaurants in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles is a mecca for all things luxury Villa for rent in California Condensing Los Angeles into a stereotype associated with celebrity lifestyles and Hollywood luxury would never do this California city justice. This beautiful city boasts a wide range of daytime activities and nightlife adventures making it a top vacation choice The Best Los Angeles Villas. Some vacationers travel to LA for the allure of cinema-worthy scenes and iconic entertainment centers, while others come to explore the diverse Pacific Coast beach towns or to unearth the natural beauty presented by its lulling valleys and majestic mountain ranges. Rent a Los Angeles villa in one of the city's most popular neighborhoods to get the most out of your trip. Luxury villas for rent in Los Angeles You are looking to rent luxury villas? You came to the right place. “Living The Dream” offers a wide variety of 5* luxury villa rentals in California and hospitality services. With this, you may be looking for the right partner, who can offer you the best villa for rent in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills or somewhere else around California. “Living The Dream” comes to truth with us, that is why we recommend our services if you are looking for one of the top 50 California villa rentals. Whether you are traveling alone or with a family, luxury vacation rentals are thanks to the great housing offers in the Los Angeles area no rarity. While you are on vacation, you can find dining and entertainment experiences, you would not find at any other place around – all because of our service packages. Since our properties such as villas are handpicked and have to undergo a 240+ checklist, you will only find high class offers that cover only the best villas in the area. You will not be disappointed with the high-end amenities in the most stunning locations you can find thanks to “Living The Dream”. Los Angeles California Los Angeles, "the City of Angels" is nestled between the San Gabriel mountains and the Pacific ocean. It is California largest city brimming with beaches, movie stars, shopping, fine dinning, live entertainment and theme parks. luxury Villa for rent in California , In Hollywood you can see your favorite stars on the Walk of Fame or step into their shoes at Mann's Chinese Theatre. There are some of the best theme parks located within an hour or less from downtown LA. For family fun visit Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Universal Studio's. Perhaps you would like to soak up some sun on the California beaches. There are so many to choose from: Malibu, Redondo, Hermosa, Manhattan, Santa Monica, and Venice just to name a few. LA houses some of the best museums in the world the J. Paul Getty, Griffith Park Observatory and the Museum of Contemporary Art. 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